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Selection Days

After reviewing the documents with regard to our admission requirements, up to 100 applicants will be invited to Kassel for the selection days. Applicants will be assessed on the basis of non-academic criteria during these selection days. We will assess whether you:

  • are independent and resilient
  • have learned from experiences with people and have benefited (e.g. with people in health or social institutions or in association work)
  • are capable of expressing the required foreign language both verbally and in writing
  • can successfully interact with others 
  • understand the values of the NHS and can present them

On the selection day, applicants complete an interview, a group challenge and a written task. After the selection day, the eligible applicants quickly find out about their admission to the BM(EU) medicine degree course. More applications may be admitted during the reserve process.


Since the corona pandemic the KSM Selection Days usually take place online and you don´t have to travel to Kassel to take part.