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MedSoc Kassel – student council of KSM

It is particularly important to us that our students have a student life in addition to their studies. We are therefore particularly proud that our students have established their own student council, the MedSoc Kassel. The following contents have been set up by the MedSoc:

In keeping with the British model, we are active as Medsoc Kassel to look after the well-being of KSM students.

In England, the representation of students through the student council, the medical society (Medsoc), is very active and well represented. Medsoc is responsible for ensuring that students are doing well. Therefore, the focus is on welfare and fair representation of students. But the charity work does not fall short either. 

There is a committee and each member has a field of activity that they are primarily concerned with. The Medsoc stands for cohesion and team spirit and the best possible support of the students!

That's exactly what we wanted in Kassel - that’s how the Medsoc Kassel came about in 2016!

Although we are not as big as our older brother in England, we are in no way inferior.

MedSoc Kassel endeavors to support and promote the interests, opinions and ideas of our fellow students. We put wishes and suggestions of all students into practice, and so we have organised many events in recent years. Going out, bowling and barbecues are on our agenda every year.

Cohesion plays a major role in our lives. We, as students, are a small family and above all across year groups. We support each other!

It is important to us that we deal with each other, not only interpersonally, but also academically. So we have initiated the Students4Students. Here, the older classes teach the younger ones in a multiple teaching session and pass on their knowledge and experience.

This offer is not only valid for our medical students. The Students4Nurses organise an interprofessional exchange between the nursing school at the Klinikum Kassel and our medical students. So it is possible to pass on our knowledge, but also to take on the experience of our colleagues.

The connection to students in Germany is also important to us, so we are in exchange with the Federal Association of Medical Students in Germany e.V. (bvmd) and participate in the medical championships every year.

As in many German and English universities, there is also a teddy-hospital in Kassel. This was adopted by our students to playfully relieve children's worries about going to the doctor. The Teddy Doctors travel from daycare to daycare and playfully teach children about the human body.

By and large, Medsoc Kassel is there to support and represent you as a student of KSM. We want interests to be represented consistently and to be a mouthpiece for our fellow students!

For more information or questions, Medsoc Kassel has a Facebook and Instagram page!