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Medical Study BM(EU) Programme

The Kassel School of Medicine has been taking a year group since the winter semester 2013. Each year, around 24 students (maximum of 30 students) are admitted, all of whom are enrolled at the University of Southampton. We reiterate that it is not a private study course, but a state-approved medical study program.

The Programme offers:

  • Bilingual study course: English and German.
  • 5 years student study programme with more than 5.500 hours.
  • 1 year foundation year at GNH hospitals. (This year offers a supported and paid entry to working life as a doctor and is necessary to gain full GMC registration. It is quality assured by the Wessex Deanery and UK foundation Programme)
  • Early patient contact from year 1
  • Opportunity to study in a research intense faculty in Southampton
  • Research project leading to BMedSc on successful completion of year 3
  • Small, effective learning groups, a great practical approach and an innovative scientific environment.
  • Opportunity to undertake an elective period anyway in the world (optional).
  • Enrolment at the University of Southampton. Tuition fees in the amount of 18.000 EUR per study year.

Starting your studies

At the beginning of the study, the introductory days take place in Kassel, where students get an overview of their studies, get to know the KSM team and, above all, get to know each other. After the introductory days, our students have about 2 weeks to independently organize their move to Southampton.

1st and 2nd years of study in Southampton

During the first two years in Southampton you will

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Medicine - this includes a number of systems based modules covering anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and psychosocial sciences of the respiratory, cardiac, renal, locomotor, nervous and endocrine systems.
  • Have early patient contact through a birth experience, Medicine in Practice modules in general practice and hospitals and working as a health care support worker
  • Undertake Student selected Units including a community health promotion project and the medical humanities

In the first two years of study, the basis for the subsequent medical activity is achieved. In addition to learning theoretical and practical clinical skills, the focus is on teaching the different roles of a physician as a student, teacher and scientist as well as a responsible, independent freelancer and professional healthcare provider. This is to prepare the students for practicing the medical profession. The early contact with patients already from the beginning of studies is beyond question.

In addition, in everyday life with their English classmates, professors and patients, the students improve their English language skills, which are becoming increasingly important in modern medicine and research.

3rd year of study in Kassel

From the third year, students move to Kassel. The first step is to complete the 16-week research project, which, while challenging provides a first glimpse of medical research as well as furnishing the future doctor with critical appraisal skills and the ability to interpret and understand research. After completing year 3 students are eligible for the additional academic degree (Bologna Bachelor) of the Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc).

After the research project, initial clinical work in the German health system begins. We deliberately send our students to our "smaller" hospitals and local General practices in Kassel and the Kassel region.

At the end of the third year of study, students head to Southampton for clinical and written l examinations which will be intensively prepared in Germany beforehand.

4th and 5th years of study in Kassel

The 4th and 5th years of study are primarily completed in Klinikum Kassel. At Klinikum Kassel, where around 73,000 inpatients and more than 200,000 outpatients are treated each year, the students refine their knowledge and receive excellent clinically oriented training. In addition, there is a close connection to Southampton, in that video conferences are held and some experts from England come to Kassel to teach. In addition, another assignment with a resident colleague is included, as well as a module where the student decides in which speciality and hospital anywhere around the world he / she would like to take a sneak peek.

Our students expand their knowledge of clinical medicine including diagnostics and therapy, through lectures, case-based seminars, workshops and the use of simulated patients as well keeping up with theoretical knowledge through discussion, teaching, reading and self-directed learning. The focus is first on getting to know diseases and their effects on the patient and their family. As studies progress, our students develop appropriate therapeutic treatment strategies in multiprofessional teams, as a result, they will develop the clinical skills that will allow them to begin the structured Foundation Year program.

Final examination take place in Southampton in January / February of year 5.

After Graduation ...

... comes the Foundation Year. All relevant information about the Foundation Year Programme is summarised here.

Upon successful completion of the study programme, students will be awarded the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS) degree from the University of Southampton, accredited by the General Medical Council. Students will be provisional registered with the GMC at graduation and will be awarded full registration on successful completion of the foundation year. Full GMC registration is recognized all over the world as a a marker of a high quality doctor.

Quality assurance

The BM(EU) study program is subject to strict quality assurance criteria. The content, structure and course of the program are regularly reviewed by the British General Medical Council as part of quality audits. This ensures that the study program implements the high standards and learning objectives of the so-called “Promoting Excellence Concepts” at all times of the medical training. The GMC report for the Kassel School of Medicine 2017 - 2018 can be found here.

Furthermore, the KSM is regularly reviewed by the University of Southampton Quality Management Team. The reports are sent to the General Medical Council and are incorporated in the audits.

On the German side, the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art annually examines the rights of the settlement requirements and grants permission to carry out the medical study program.

Important information about KSM

  • The BM(EU) Programme stands for “Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery European Medicine Programme”.
  • The degree “Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery” is not a Bologna degree, but the traditional British medical degree.
  • The KSM team works in close cooperation the University of Southampton team. We can only be strong together!
  • The KSM is not a private university. The BM(EU) study program of the University of Southampton is being observed by the British Medical Council, the British supervirsory authority.
  • The BM(EU) is an innovative medical study program and is characterised by its patient focus and modern teaching methods.


Sibylle Ullrich

Lead Administration

Sibylle Ullrich

Lead Administration

Education Management for years 3, 4 and 5

Education Management for years 3, 4 and 5